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Our nursery and garden center now offers even more of a selection in garden accessories and accents, including water fountains and indoor and patio decorations.

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With our extensive collection of plants, shrubs, perennials, annuals, trees and adornments, we continue to offer the best in landscaping options and seasonal decorations. 

We employ Certified Grower Technicians and Certified Garden Center Technicians.

Before beginning your next project, or even if you just want to decorate, visit Darby Creek Nursery and Landscaping.

Don't forget about our One-Year Guarantee on all Trees & Shrubs.



Darby Creek Nursery Garden Center Warranty

Darby Creek Nursery replacement policy for retail plants and landscape is for one year, one time, full replacement of plant(s) of equal or lesser value from the purchase date. The following steps must be met for a replacement.

  1. Plants must be dead, or dying as determined by the management of Darby Creek Nursery.
  2. The plant(s) must be returned to Darby Creek Nursery, (if not installed by Darby Creek Nursery) with the original cash register receipt or invoice, and this warranty document. No other proof of purchase will be accepted.
  3. This warranty policy does not apply to annuals, perennials, houseplants, water plants, or evergreen trees purchased during Christmas season. This warranty does not apply to delivery charges.
  4. Roses are under warranty for 90 days after purchase date.
  5. There will be no cash refunds on replacement materials, only store credit will be issued for the amount of the purchase price only.
  6. Some sale items may not be covered in the warranty if indicated by management.
  7. No exceptions will be made to this policy.

Darby Creek Nursery strives to give their customers the best prices and service. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance about our warranty. Thank you for shopping at Darby Creek Nursery.

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Pro Tips

Giving a plant too much water kills it faster than giving it too little. Although most plants prefer moist soil, they don't like soggy, poorly drained soil.